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Life can feel extremely overwhelming sometimes!  We moms often put everyone's needs before our own.  Are you exhausted?  Feeling guilty?  Insecure about parenting?  Anxious?  Resentful?  Do you feel like you're just going through the motions of life?  Are your relationships in peril because your tank is constantly empty? 

I've been down that road!  You don't deserve to stay stuck in the rut.  You don't have to be on the back burner anymore.  What if I told you that I could help you organize your life in such a way where you could feel confident again?  Would you like to feel capable and motivated again?  My service is designed to help moms just like you.  Together we can work to set goals, take action and SEE the results!  Take back your  IDENTITY and your POWER!  I'd love the chance to speak to you (free discovery call) and convince you of how I can help you find your way back to your best self!  

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Online Coaching with Dana Rogers

Meet Dana

Master Certified Life Coach & MA in Professional Counseling

It's true what they say about parenting being the most selfless job on the planet.  It's also true that it is the hardest job.  We moms tend to get lost in the shuffle of a busy family life.  Our kids have so many needs through every stage of development.  Our spouses and partners need our attention.  Our pets need to be fed.  Our homes need to be vacuumed, dishes have to get done, and ohhhhhh, the laundry!  I'm guessing that putting things on your to-do list that involve self-care and mental preservation doesn't often happen.  Over time we shrink.  We might quit jobs.  We might stop exercising.  We might have too many glasses of wine and stay up too late.  We may choose to watch reality tv instead of connecting with our partners.  We may feel resentful about making 3 meals a day for a house full of people (not to mention all the snacks!).  You're likely Santa Clause.  You probably plan all the birthday parties and holiday celebrations.   When not focused on our kids, we stay busy trying to be a good wife, friend, daughter, sister, cousin. The hamster wheel of busyness and the pressure to do all things for everyone takes a toll.  We shrink.  Who are you right now?  Who would you like to be?  If you could make this YOUR year and regain that power that makes you feel whole, would you?  What's stopping you?

I know this life.  I've been in this rut and fought my way out.  Let me help you find a way to achieve balance, making yourself a priority, just as you do for others.  We can chat for free and I can tell you more about this exciting process!  Hit the button and set up some time.  You deserve to do this for yourself!  

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What I Specialize In

I specialize in helping you take back your power.  Let's get in there- get organized, identify your pain points, come up with important goals and make an action plan.  Let's get to work!  You don't need to feel guilty, depleted, unsuccessful and hopeless anymore.  Life is too short not to be living the life you dream of.  Put yourself first right now and take the leap!  


I really enjoyed our session. I loved what you said about therapy looking at the past problems and trying to figure that out and life coaching guiding you for the future. It was really positive. 

The session with you helped me to manage my thoughts more clearly and figure out what I’m doing. 

As a result, I have pushed my exam to November which is a huge relief, I’ve cut my work down by a day and I’ve been to Studio MDR twice and am going hiking on Monday. - ER

Dana was absolutely wonderful to work with! She helped me to clarify my goals and identify concrete strategies to help me work towards achieving those goals. I appreciated that the session was action oriented and focused on what I could do in the present and future to attain my goals! - SJ

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